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Charisma SEG™
Charisma™ SEG Light Boxes
Charisma™ SEG Fabric Frames
Charisma™ SEG Stands
Charisma™ Structures
Charisma™ Samples
Tension Fabric Structures
Swage and Spring Button
Presto Pop-Ups™ and Collage™
Banner Stands
Pole Pocket
Large/Grand Format
Graphic Gripper
Hook Loop
Banner Stand Lighting
Snap Frames
Wall Mount, Hanging
Drop In Frames
Hanging Frames
Hanging Graphic Hardware
Straight Bars
Aisle Markers
Hanging Hardware
Perimeter Rail Systems™
Curved Shapes
Medical Supplies and Healthy Retailing
Hand Sanitizer Manual Pump Dispenser Stands & Mounts
Hand Sanitizer Automatic Dispenser Stands
Wipe Dispenser Floor Stands & Mounts
Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stands
Cashier Shields
Free Standing Shields
Hanging Shields
School Safety
Sanitary Door Pulls
Clear Room Partitions
CounterTop Displays
Graphic Frames
Graphic Mounts
Banner Stands
Rigid Graphic Stands
Floor Mounts
Tabletop Mounts
Wall Mount
Poster SignHolders
Visual Merchandising Clamps
Magnetic Displays
Magnetic Frames, Stands and Displays
Vaccine Signage
Vaccine Signage
Banner Stands
Double Upright Stands
Literature Stands
Rigid Graphic Stands
Sign Frames
SignPost™ Display Builder
Aluminum Slatwall Displays
Bulk Slatwall
Specialty Displays
Exhibitor Products
Tablet Displays
Hand Sanitizer Manual Pump Dispenser Stands & Mounts
Wipe Dispenser Floor Stands & Mounts
SideBar Table
Podiums And Counters
Convention and Presentation
Table Easels
Studio Artist
Art Materials
Grocery Displays
Grocery Visual Merchandising
Brochure Holders
Cases and Travel Bags
Frame Accessories
Hanging Hardware
SignHolder Grippers


TRICOR started out in 1968 as a small Portland print distributor. Today, we’re a multi million dollar a year, full-service marketing communications firm. Our customers are an impressive collection of government agencies, small businesses, and large companies headquartered in Portland and other major cities who call on us to serve their needs across the country, and even around the world.

Tricor’s emphasis on environmentally responsible practices not only reflects our own business philosophy but also helps you meet your own corporate goals and regulatory mandates.

Whether because of corporate initiative, regulatory mandate, or sensitivity to public concerns, the world’s businesses are going Green, and Tricor is helping them do it.

TRICOR is a proud supporter of the Forest Stewardship Council which means we are knowledgeable about eco-friendly printing options, including responsible paper selection, soy-based inks & FSC certifications & guidelines. We can help keep your costs down while offering you green choices.

For TRICOR, an environmentally preferred product or service is one that delivers comparable or superior performance to an alternative one while utilizing fewer resources, containing fewer toxic materials, boasting a longer lifecycle. We have developed a “green index” for the promotional products we provide.

One tree: This product helps reduce the use of other harmful products. It is not made from a biodegradable, non-petroleum or organic material.

Two trees: This product has some recycled content in it and helps encourage the use of and develops a market for recycled base products. These products are considered Environmentally Friendly.

Three trees: This product is bio-degradable or leaves the lightest footprint on the earth possible.

Reuse and recycling are the most efficient and beneficial Green practices available today. Through our practices, we hope to “spread the Green” and lessen our carbon footprint. Our goal is to have the least environmental impact possible by recommending products, stocks, substrates and processes to our clients that support this goal.

Upon request, TRICOR will provide all necessary documentation of our green efforts during the production of your project for those government agencies that require them.